It’s Suga’s Birthday!! 🎂

Get ready for a blast of Bithday surprises our little sugar! Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang man Bboong Bboong has turned 25 today!

Suga may be the laziest member of BTS but he also works the hardest! This bundle of Joy was born on 9th March 1993 .

Suga (aka Agust D) is a very talented korean singer and songwriter, who has made Korea’s best music! His solo career has reached peaks famous singers fail to reach! Our boy has contributed so much to his group (BTS) which has made them fly even higher than before!

Even though you may have had an unfortunate childhood sugie, we’ll always be there to support you!

Lets make our own Suga hashtag!! Happy birthday again cutie!!

#hbdSugar #cutieturned25! #weloveyouSuga!

Hey guys

i know i haven’t posted anything for a long time, i am really sorry for that-i hope u guys don’t mind : )

Anyways, i am just writing this post to let u guys know something really important, okay so here goes….there is nothing sooo much important but just a little things about me and the blog…..umm i don’t know where to start…..i know i know the suspense might be killing u but hello the nervousness is also killing me!!!!

OK, do u know why i started this blog? of course u guys don’t know that not until i tell everything i want to say. The reason is the anonymity. I want to be complete honest over here. No one knows who i am actually. I want to be just me. That is why i started a blog. My dad first asked me to go with a diary. I tried, but it went like this…. ” rained all day. Jennie (my bestie… i haven’t introduced her yet have i?) came for a visit. went to sleep.” That’s it, but at least i tried! 

ONE more thing, My ‘real’ name is not Lucy Hollister it’s something else and that might remain private. I am so mad at myself because if u just go look at my previous and very first posts i have given my home address….so stupid right? i am just going to delete it  after this post. PLUS, do u remember the posts about why kids should get busy in kitchen or who made that isn’t even me i copy pasted that from the magazine Reader’s Digest. Yep word-to-word! I feel so stupid. I am dying of embarrassment.  OH MI GOSH! How can i forget the thing i wanted u guys to know? You guys must have read that book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg? YES? Its really good by the way i thought it was kinda boring but turned out really well. A great love story. SO at first PENNY THE UK BLOGGER mentions something about being honest over her blog right? that is where i got inspired from!!!! cool right? i sort of copied her lines :p She is not a existing person tho but i still want her to read my blog posts. BUT hey i could get ZOE ( the author) to check out this blog but how? AHHHH there are so many ‘buts’ in my life!!!

Anyways, this time i am gonna write amazing blog posts for u guys to enjoy although i don’t have many followers. But that’s okay they will grow ( i hope )

Oh, i am thinking to write posts more about KPOP cause that’s my latest obsession. ”KPOP IS MY DRUG!” SO STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!


I think I already have done a post about this but I’ll do it again cause songs change with time 😉

Ok so these days people are more into pop and rap music (kids these days..) so I’ll be happy to recommend some artists and songs

1. Taylor swift                                                   her music is just.. AHHHH!! it’s awesome! She’s just 27 years old and is one of the top ten most paid singers in the world! Her hit singles:                   *bad blood ft. Kendrick Lamar.                 *Blank space.                                                 *I don’t wanna live forever (a collaboration with Zayn Malik).                 *Delicate (from her new album “reputation”).      Gradually you’ll get  into the fandom and listen to all of her songs.

Now I’ll recommend songs with various artists at the taste of hip hop urban, pop culture and rap music:

*Bad things (machine gun Kelly, Camilla cabello)

*Congratulations (post Malone)

*Know no better (major lazor ft. Quavo, Camilla cabello)

*Alone (marshmellow)

*I’ll show you (Justin Bieber)

*As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber)

*There’s nothing holding me back (Shawn Mendes)

*Stitches (Shawn Mendes)

*Havana (Camilla cabello)

*Dusk till Dawn (Zayn ft. Sia)

*Galway girl (Ed Sheeran)

Now we have arrived to kpop!!! My fav!

1. BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan)

This Korean boy band consisting of 7 (gorgeous :p) members have changed the path of kpop! They are the second kpop band to win a BBMA (billboard music award) in kpop history after psy (gangam style)!!!!!! I love their songs and specially the meaning of them! Ok lets take a look at the list I’ve compiled which consists of some of their best songs!

*DNA, Fire, Dope, Blood sweat and tears, Mic drop, I Need You, Not Today, Save me, War of Hormone, Spring Day, Go Go, her serendipity. Now once u start listening to all these, you’ll start listening to all their others as well!because I can’t include 50+ songs in this list 🙂

Now I’ll give u song recommendations in kpop. Mix of urban, hip hop and pop.

*NCT  “cherry bomb” and “the 7th sense”

*Twice “likey”

*Stray Kids “hellevator”

*BigBang “bang bang bang” and “fxxk it”

*Exo “lotto” and “ko ko bop” and “Monster”

*Got 7 “you are” and “just right”

*Vixx “shangri-la”

*Black pink “playing with fire” and “whistle” and “stay” and “as if it’s your last” and “Boombayah”

Sunmi “gashina”

I’ve given u guys a prettty loooong list of English and kpop songs now!!




MTV EMAs 2017

Hi guys!!! So today’s main topic would be the MTV EMAs (Music television ,European Music Awards). Now u guys know that Taylor Swift just released her album and it has already broken many records (it’s awesome!) So we need to vote for our girl! Now there are a lot of categories to vote from but u guys have to vote for Taylor in every single one in which she is a nomination!!!!! It’s really important! We need all the votes we can get to make her win! There are other categories too in which u are free to vote for whomever u want but in any category in which Taylor is a nominee, u guys HAVE to vote for her. I’m pasting the link for the voting site down below. DONT LET ME DOWN! 😛









Urghhhhh the worst time in life is near… Yeah as u can guess from the title. EXAMS! But this time will also pass. The only problem is.. doesn’t time get longer when exams are around? Ok ok I’ll give u some tips to get through them without taking stress Kay? Trust me you’ll be dancing after u read this!

1. Make a proper Timetable.                          This is super important. Making a time table puts your mind out of pressure of completing the syllabus in time. And try to make a time table in which u get loads of free time. oh and an important thing, start studying for your exams way before they are intended to start. That’s a good step cause you can complete your syllabus with ease and u don’t have to hurry around like people who wake up at nights and risk their sleep which is even worse. Get my point? Let’s move on..

2. Do things that would ease your mind when studying.                                                Many poeple in this case consider music. And I too. Specially when you’re doing maths. When you’re studying just put on your headphones and turn on some peaceful music at a low volume so that your mind wouldn’t be completely on the song. Some people on the other hand consider food. Well almost everyone does. Don’t eat a lot or you’ll get fat! But eat things that are good for you and which u can eat a lot. Ok ok sometimes I also go a little overboard and eat loads of chips but let’s not bring that up… Get what I’m saying? Now to the other step.

3. Visit your favourite places in your free time.                                                           Just sitting at home and sulking isn’t going to improve your mood when studying. So when u have a long break, go visit some place u would want to go. Like a park or a bakery. Wherever u want. This’ll increase your spirit and u won’t be so sad that exams are about to come. Don’t keep yourselves at home, go somewhere. And don’t worry, parents always listen to whatever u say during exams XD

4. Not too much Screen!                                   Guys I know this is hard and I understand because ur talking to the girl who is immune to her phone, but u always get the hang of it. Don’t use your phone so much or any screen infact. I’m not saying don’t use it at all. But when u have set a time for studying just turn off your phone and tell your sibling or your mom to hide it somewhere so u can’t take peeks in between studying because unfortunately those peeks can turn into hours and then u lose all your focus. Set aside your break time(which should be quite often) and use whatever type of technology u want in that but not while studying.

Ok guys I gave u four main tips of getting through your exams. Don’t take stress and organize yourself. And before u know it….. POOF! they’re finished! So take my advice and follow these tips. Like I said you’d be dancing after reading this  but don’t worry I know you won’t 😉

Going offline xx


Hello guys!

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Now you guys gotta obey and do just like I say



HERE IS THE WEBSITE:        look for this website, start voting and you can vote once daily per ID and please vote for BTS in every category!

In some categories there won’t be BTS while there will be others so choose the one you like

Secondly for the best female group vote for Blackpink!!!!

Please do vote!!!!


Hello guys! If you are great BTS fans then you gotta vote for them so that they can win the Asia Artist Award (AAA) or else they won’t get into MAMA! Here is the website:

Just see that BTS is lacking behind! How come EXO has sooo many votes??? EXO has 25% rating while BTS has only 15% 😦 There is a second round of vote in which you gotta download the app of AAA to vote! Please vote for BTS!



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Hello guys! I know it’s been a very long time since my posts! Sooo much has happened with me that I really want to share! So first I am a very big Army or a Fan of the Korean band BTS! I hope you guys know this band! You should listen to there songs! They are just Ah-mazing! And my fav band member is Jungkook! ♥ Yes, The Golden Maknae! I love the youngest soo much that I made a collage! Oh I forgot one more ting I love Jimin too! And you guys should listen to their new song DNA! It is currently the most high rating or the most hot or the most hitting song! I just know you guys are gonna love bts! Plus they are really funny you should watch their silly jokes on YouTube!  And also watch Jungkook’s Funny Moments on YouTube!  I swear you guys are gonna thank me for introducing you to BTS, Mark my Words! (BTS STANDS FOR BEYOND THE SCENE OR BOYS THAT SING!)


Check it out!

Hey guys! Long time no posts! 😦 > 🙂

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Check it out I made some photo collages of people I like and I am their number one fan! Not all of these photos are collages! #love JB #love CR7 #love TS #love Zoe Sugg #love Emma Watson #love Merrell Twins! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

True Facts!

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Hey guys! I know it’s more than a week since I have posted anything! Well, I read some great books this week but they were fact books so they weren’t quite lengthy but believe me they were fun to read! So the facts were about Justin Bieber! I think I am now a more bigger fan because I got to know really amazing mind blowing positive and weird facts about Justin. Tell you what? He is the type of guy I like, not only good looking but is confident about who he is plus he is talented in different ways! If you have got a kindle you can easily read these fun books! Happy Reading!